Benefits of IPTV

There are many benefits to cutting the cord of your cable company but with that comes added expenses of all the many MANY streaming services that are popping up in the place of traditional cable. It seems that a new service pops up every week and not just keeping track of them is difficult but having to pay for them all to get all the shows and movies you want is bringing us all back to what cable was to begin with, so why did we get away from cable if we end up with the same cost and increased difficulty keeping things managable?

Well from everyone here are BSmart TV, Inc., we have your answer.  One Ticket to ALL of your Entertainment. All your Live TV, movies, shows, sports, streaming access… just about everything you can think of in one place. Here are some of the benefits of BSmart+ and IPTV!

Live TV and Video On Demand (VOD)

With Live TV from ALL over the United States (and other global regions) you can check up on whats going on in your hometown without having to be there.   While we are adding stations all the time there are currently over 8,000 stations from across the US, Canada and UK available. Since IPTV is not confined to a single location you can chose what you want to see from wherever you may be at the time and addional global regions are also available upon request.

With our POWERFUL Video On Demand (VOD) services you can pick what to watch, when you want to watch it. As with our Live TV stations, we are constantly updating our available library of Movies and TV Series both old and new. We currently have available over 30,000 movies and over 4,000 TV series available (* includes English releases from just the US, UK and Canada alone) with most in Full HD picture and sound and 4K UHD* content also available (*4K UHD capable devices needed for viewing). New release, old favorites, just about anything you can think of or want is available and more are added all the time!

You will hear this alot but BSmart+ and IPTV gives you One Ticket to Your Entertainment on Your Schedule!

Live HD Sports and PPV

Tired of having to pay for access to your favorite sport, or miss seeing your hometown team because you no longer live in that area? Well worry no more.  BSmart+ and IPTV allow you to access just about any team, any sport, any time you want. If they are playing and it is being broadcast via a stream, chance are very high you can watch. From the Premiere League to the NFL, from Major League Baseball to the MLS, from Top Rank Boxing to all the top MMA matches… you have it at your fingertips.

With Live sports from all over the globe you can get what you WANT and save money at the same time. A vast variety of Sports and events are available and many of the top PPV events are included at no additional charge as well. You will be hard pressed to not find some game or match to watch with BSmart+ and IPTV.

Remote Support

If you have a BSmart or BSmart+ IPTV box your equipment comes with remote support included in your monthly subscription. If you have any issues with the applications or access, as long as your IPTV box is connected to the internet we can speak to you on the phone while we remotely access your box to diagnose your issues and get you back to all the amazing content you want.

BSmart and BSmart+ have an online support ticketing system you can submit a request, or you can simply email us at [email protected] or text us at 352-568-5520 and we offer a response within 24 hours. All support requests are addressed in the order they are recieved and while most requests are resolved quickly and on the same day, we work hard to make sure your request is promptly resolved within 24 hours.

If you have a digital only subscription (using a non-bSmart issued device), since the Android App runs on hardware that BSmart+ does not control, we are unable to offer remote support for digital only connections but we will do everything we can to resolve any issue you may have as best as we can.

The “BSmart-er” Referral Program

How does getting all of your IPTV Movies, TV and Sports for FREE sound?!  I am sure you would think that would be amazing! Well you can do just that and it is actually pretty easy to do with the BSmart-er Referral Program.

All you have to do is refer your friends and family to become BSmart or BSmart+ subscribers. That’s pretty much it. For everyone you refer, you will receive one (1) FREE connection credit added to your account for each connection your referral adds. Your connection credits will automatically apply to your account to reduce how much you pay! Yep, thats it. It is that easy!

The only restriction is that your referral remains a subscriber for three (3) months or more. Once your referal has completed three (3) months of service, you will automitcally have one (1) Free connection credit added to your account based on the number of connections your referral has and you will see this reflected when you log in to your BSmart+ application. That’s it! And you can get one (1) Free connection credit per connection from your referral for EVERYONE you refer. 

For example, let’s say you have a subscription with three connections. If you refer one (1) person and they stay for three (3) months and have two (2) connections. Then you will get 2 connection credits on your account and instead of paying for three connections, you will have only to pay for one (1) connection in the fourth (4th) month of your referral’s subscription saving you money. The more you refer the more you get, and the more you save. If you refer six (6) people then you get one (1) connection credit for each connection they have. If those six (6) people have two (2) connections each then you get twelve (12) FREE connection credits which means that when you have three (3) connections yourself that you will then get four (4) FREE months of service for ALL your connections! If you refer 25 people… you get the picture! And this offer is available for your referrals as well to take advantage of as well.

Be-Smarter… and save even more when refer your friends and family to join the BSmart+ Community. The more the merrier!

Compatibility & Flexibility


You can connect your BSmart or BSmart+ IPTV box to any HDTV via an HDMI connection. Your BSmart+ IPTV box is portable! You can take it with your anywhere your go. As long as you can connect to the internet (wired thru ethernet or connect to a wireless network) and have a strong enough internet signal you can watch all your TV, Shows and Movies anywhere you go. This is great for frequent travelers or snowbirds that don’t want the hassle of having to turn on and off cable service. Just unplug your IPTV box, but it in your bag and reconnect at your next destination. It’s simple and convenient.

Android App

If you are on the road or travel, or if you just want to sneak in some of your favorite show on your break at work, we also offer an easy to use Android app. Our Android APK works on almost all versions of Android on your phone or tablet, from Android 6 and up.

You can load the BSmart+ app on all your android devices. Your connection subscription dictates how many can be active at one time but you will have access wherever your go!

Future Applications

While we currently do not offer connection apps for Apple IOS devices or Windows PC/Webview, but these may be available soon. We are currently working on making your IPTV connection available thru your preferred web browser. So if you are on an Apple iOS device you can use Safari, or if you run a Windows device you can use Edge or another available browser of your choice for example. If you are interested in either of these connection types, let us know at [email protected] and we will keep you updated as the new updates become available.

Overall you get flexibilility to watch your entertainment wherever your want, whenever you want. We will do all we can to make sure we support as many connection types as we can as they become available.

Server Stability

All IPTV boxes and Android App connections have built in Anti-Freeze technology to help buffer and smoothly play your streamed content as the optimum resolution. While NO service is 100% all of the time, be it cable, satelite or old fashion antenna’s, IPTV has mutlitple servers located around the world to allow for maximum redundancy and the highest possible uptime. We currently measure at 99% or better uptime, on par with or even better than most cable companies. And with the added flexibility as described above it is no wonder so many people are switching to IPTV services and BSmart+.

Remember that like any other connection to the internet, the stregth of your signal greatly determines the performance of your device/service.  Since BSmart is an internet dependent service, this is no different for BSmart+ IPTV boxes and Android devices. The stronger your signal or connection, the better and more stable your service and resolution will be. BSmart+ recommends a minumum of at least 40-50 MbPS (megabits per second) download speeds from your intertnet connection for smooth performance (based on internal testing, your performance may vary).