Subscriber Testimonials  

The best feeling we get here at BSmart is when we hear from our subscribers with good news. Here are just a few of what our subscribers have to say about their service and experience with the BSmart IPTV program.  

11/25/20 – Tim V. (Subscriber for 3 years)  

We have been a customer of the BSmart family for over three years.  I say family because that is the way we are treated.  The technical support is always there; just a email ticket or telephone call away.  With the new ticket service available thru the website,  we have support within 24 hours.  We have never had a issue with our boxes, sometimes our internet gives us a hassle but we just unplug our router and then we are up and running again.   

The premium channels we get is well worth the money, our cable service was costing us over $150 a month, now that is a fantastic savings!  Our monthly rate, only went up $5.00, when we made the decision to add the new improved B-Smart Plus program, which makes finding our favorite channels so much easier.    

The B-Smart company is always adding new services, like their new website.  Information is always there at your finger-tip. We can say for sure We love our B-Smart tv service.   

12/3/20 – Christy K. (after recent upgrade to BSmart Plus app) 

Thanks again for updating our TV. Nothing new to learn this time and YES it is so much easier to use.

I appreciate your prompt attention to answering my call and as always you are a pleasure to talk with.  I will continue to recommend BSmart every time I have the opportunity.

Merry Christmas!

12/18/20 – Ken F. (Subscriber for 2 years)  

I have been your customer at BSmart TV for almost 2 years. I am writing this testimonial as a review of your company’s progress since I have become a customer. The cost saving from the onset has been remarkable. I had a 4 month payback on my investment of equipment based on the costs that I was incurring for cable TV. 

The progress that BSmart has made in making the product more user friendly and closer to what I was used to has been marked and continuous. I am able to watch nationwide programming as I need. I am originally from the Detroit area and by using BSmart I am still able to watch all the sports and local TV from the Detroit area. I am also able to watch local programming from other parts of the country that I may be interested in. First run movies, movie channels, streaming old TV shows are all also possible and easy to access in you system.  

In short I would like to compliment you and the continuous and fine support that you have given me from your company.   

12/19/20 – Dennis W. (Subscriber for 2 years) 

When my Television cost jumped to almost $200, I knew it was time to cut the cord.  I found several companies that used a modified firestick, which appeared to be a temporary solution.  Then I came across BSmart. I researched it, watched demo’s and it all looked like the answer to my needs.  I have been with them since November 2018.  Since that time they have had two major upgrades to the system.  Not only can I watch live sports and shows from all over the world. I can also go back in time and watch shows from the 50’s to the present.  What I am most pleased about beside saving $1800/ yr, is the support I get direct from the president or his support staff.